AD Tweak Controller usage tutorial

  • Before you run the tool, you have to drop the icons in ‘ad_icons’ directory into your Maya icon folder. Normally it creates default in this path :
    C:\Users\Your Name \Documents\maya\version\prefs\icons
  • Drop the script inside ‘ad_scripts’ directory into your Maya script directory :
    C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\maya\version\scripts
  • You have to continue run this code below in Maya python script editor:
import maya.cmds as mc
ad = 'Adien'
mc.shelfLayout(ad, ex=1)
if mc.shelfLayout(ad, ex=1):
mc.shelfLayout(ad, p="ShelfLayout")
mc.shelfButton(image="ad_tweak.png", l='Tweak Controller', command="import ad_tweak_controller as at \nreload(at) \nat.ad_show_ui()", olb=(0, 0, 0, 0), olc=(.9, .9, .9))
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