Luna Project include the contents are property of Adien Dendra. So please pay attention and noted about this agreement

  1. Luna is FREE LIMITED rig.
  2. Luna is provided for private DEMOREEL use or ANIMATION CONTEST or STUDENTS.
  3. YOU CAN’T use Luna for COMMERCIAL or any other FINANCIAL PURPOSES.
  4. YOU CAN’T use Luna to create any pornographic or illegal activities, or violence against an ethnic, religious, or others immoral contents explicit.
  5. YOU CAN modify (e.g : change the outfit color) Luna in any way and send to me as well if you want offer to others.
  6. PLEASE use credit as Luna character courtesy of in your works.
  7. HAVE FUN with Luna and feel free to re-share the rig! 🙂

  • Luna V1.4

    • Fixed lower teeth

  • Luna V1.3

    • Fixed IK toes issues

  • Luna V1.2

    • Fixed slow scene issues

  • Luna V1.1

    • Fixed scale issues
    • Fixed eyebrows issue
    • Fixed left elbow FK/IK switch issues

  • Luna V1.0

    • Initial Released

  • Body rig flexibility!
  • Awesome expressive facial rig!
  • Convenience UI (user interface) for Animators.
  • Support Maya 2013 and above version

For those anyone who use Maya 2016 and above version please switch on the Two Sided Lighting to fix the materials shown issue

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